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Make it from a rendering

Make it from a description

Make it bigger

Make it from a file

Make it smaller

We can do all that… and more....

Champion Sheppard modeling in our gallery

The original rendering and the plaster model

Bronze in the AKC NY headquarters

As seen above when we get a job we figure out how to do it right.  The job shown was the American Kennel Club’s DOGNY fundraising project.  They came to us to sculpt a rescue dog to the AKC’s demanding standards. Then cast a realistic version in bronze and over two hundred of the life-size dogs in fiberglass, to be  painted by various artists and shown on the streets of NYC.  We started out with renderings for approval then a small model. After the models approved we used live models to help us get it right, when we enlarged to the full size. 

We can produce sculpture or objects from computer files.  We can scan existing sculpture and enlarge it or reduce it using a five axis CNC.  Using this technique we can complete a sculpture, or take it to any level of completion you wish, so that you can do the final finishing in your hand.

Each of these projects is unique so contact us as early as possible in the creative process so that we can help you achieve the best result.  You can view samples of enlargements on our gallery page.