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Mold making is the most important part of the process without a good mold no project can go smoothly.  That said, as good as our mold makers are they cannot create a good mold from a bad model.  Below are some tips to help you prepare for a good mold.

1.     What you see is what you get… when you bring your piece in for casting make sure that you are happy with what you see.  We will capture every detail in the mold, so if there is something you don’t want reproduced take it out before the mold is made.

2.     Try and keep you model solid, if you have voids inside your model, the rubber for the mold will inevitably find its way in.

3.     If your piece is on an armature make sure it is strong enough to keep the piece up.  We will be adding weight when making a mold, so if your piece is sagging the castings will capture the sag.

4.     Sometimes a waste mold is a good idea.  A waste mold is a onetime use mold to get clay or other soft models into a harder material, so the surface can be refined before a production mold is made. If you are doing an edition in acrylic or other material we can usually get a model plus one casting in the final material out of a waste mold. It is also nice to have a hard model around to archive, for use later if more molds are needed.

5.     Try and keep consistent in the materials you use to make a model, rubbers can react negatively to some materials, it is great if we know exactly what a model is made from and that the entire model is made from the same thing. Probably not a good idea to purchase the materials for your model at the supermarket, unless of course you are casting fruit and vegetables or possibly chicken or fish (we have done that).

6.     Most importantly talk to us when you are in your planning stages we have been doing this for over 40 years we have some neat tricks and we share them.