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At MAC we approach each job with an eye on how to make it and how to make it work for you, the client.  Whether you need one of something or thousands, monumental in scope or microscopic, we will get the job done.

On the following pages you can get an idea of different materials and processes that are available to you.  Keep in mind that each job is different and you may not see what you are looking for, that’s why we are here, we can make your vision reality.

Acrylic Casting


Acrylic casting is our forte from one piece to thousands we can handle pieces in house up to 14' X 5' and up to 10,000 pounds follow this link for more information on acrylic casting.


Fiberglass is a versatile material for outdoor and interior sculpture and design elements.  For interior commercial applications it can be formulated to meet the strictest fire and building codes. Its excellent surface makes for a beautiful finished product



Polyurethanes are versatile plastics that are easily tinted and also available in clear they hold excellent detail and can be rotationally molded.

Mold Making


Mold making is an art in itself, our mold makers are amongst the most experienced in the world.  To have a good casting you need a good mold.  Our mold making services are available even if you don’t cast with us (but you should).

Model Making and Enlarging

Carole Feuerman in her studio

Bigger is better!!! We can enlarge your sculpture or sculpt you a big one from scratch.  If you want we can go the other way and make yours smaller? Regardless our staff of model makers and enlargers can help you to get what you want.