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Sometimes used as a substitute for bronze or other heavy materials, both fiberglass and polyurethanes have their place. Extremely versatile they are great for  fine art casting, architectural components and consumer products, there is almost nothing we can’t make out of these materials.


In clear, polyurethanes can be used to make incredible ice effects like these Penguins for Bergdorf/Goodman

The performance of urethanes and other like materials makes them a great choice for a wide range of projects.  We use them almost exclusively when making point of purchase displays, retail props and window displays; they are cost effective and look great.  For sculpture projects they allow us to work within a budget without sacrificing the quality Meisner is famous for.



When mixed with gypsum poly helps to create a high quality but cost effective method of reproduction.  These sculptures by Marc Mellon used as an award/gift of recognition will be given a bronze patina and have the feel and weight of the real thing.



This Golden Lab was sculpted by our staff artist and cast in bonded bronze.